Silicone Wedding Rings for Men

4 rings per pack - 2 designs - 4 colours - Wedding Bands Style 8.7mm Wide - 2.5mm Thickness - SMTCoffee

silicone wedding rings for men. comes with 4 colors 2 styles and 2 designs. black, navy, camo, black and white
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Reduce injury risk with - silicone wedding rings

Our SMTCoffee Silicone Wedding Rings For Men prevents your finger from getting injured from a metal ring. It also prevents your metal ring getting damaged or scratched. It’s better to use our silicone rings as a substitute for the more expensive wedding ring.

Perfect For

Construction workers

Working in construction or heavy machinery and tools can be dangerous if you’re wearing a metal ring. The most common injury people suffer if they do wear a metal ring is an pulling or squeezing injury.

best silicone rings for construction workers

Excellent for gym users and active people

Wearing a metal ring can get in the way during a workout. SMTCoffee silicone wedding rings give you the opportunity to still tell people you have a significant other, without the dangers and risks of metal rings in the gym.

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Perfect for Fire, Police and Military personnel

High-stress, physical work environments. It’s hard to wear a metal ring (and can be unsafe) when you’re fighting fires, chasing down criminals, or training and protecting your country.

silicone wedding rings for firemen, policemen or military smtcoffee

Great for medical professions

SMTCoffee silicone wedding rings are soft and stretchy and fit snugly against your finger so they won’t fall off or make it hard to get your gloves on. Everyone in a medical facility will love these silicone wedding rings.

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4 COLORS & 2 DESIGNS - you will get a nice selection of different colors so you can change up the look depending on the day. Also comes with 2 designs, bridge and arc.

SAFETY - the main reason people use these is safety, you are less likely to injure your fingers with silicone over metal rings.

WORRY PROOF - the idea of these rings is that they are replaceable. Lose them, tear them up at the gym or work. Have these rings work for your needs. Keep your formal wedding band safe from damage.

INCLUDES CHARITY DONATION - $1 of your purchase goes to Angels of America's Fallen. Supporting children of fallen firefighters, military and law enforcement

What Are The Benefits

With our rings you get the benefit of choice. They come in 2 designs and four colors this gives you the option of giving one to a friend to try out. Using these rings means you don't risk injuring your finger. What can happen is wedding rings get caught in something and can tear your finger. Also a little more common is a crushing injury where the ring gets squeezed into your finger. Not a nice experience when that happens. You also have the benefit of keeping your expensive wedding ring safe for special occasions or to places where the risk of injury is low. If you lose these rings you have 3 more to try, it's not the end of the world to lose these rings as these are designed to be replaced.

5 Star Review

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Don't get in trouble

If you were to lose the ring of your wedding day it would be a disaster. They are expensive and the emotional cost of losing something that represents so much is very upsetting. We recommned you keep this in a safe place for special occasions and use these silicone rings for everytday use.

never lose your silicone wedding ring smtcoffee


Now lets recap on all the benefits so you can be assured our SMTCoffee silicone rings are the right product for you. With our rings you get the benefit of choice. They come in 2 designs and four colors, this gives you the option of giving one to a friend to try out. We also spoke about the safety benefits of using SMTCoffee silicone rings. There is also the benefit of not worrying about losing or damaging these, they are designed to get beat up and replaced. This means you get to keep your actual wedding day ring in perfect condition and you don't have the heartache of losing them. A core philosophy of ours is giving back. We make a donation on each purchase made to a US Children's charity that supports children, this is very important to us. We also give discounts to people who sign up to our mailing list. If you are still unsure about everything then please send us a message. We think we have everything covered so you can be assured that SMTCoffee silicone rings are right for you.

5 Star Review and Size Chart

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