Coffee Scoop with Scale

Used for Coffee - Tea - Sugar or Protein Powder

smtcoffee 4.5 star review

Be Your Own Barista

Your SMTCoffee coffee scoop with scale will not only help you on your way to becoming your own barista but also make your coffee making routine more practical.

Beautiful design

A beautifully design coffee scoop that doubles as a weighing scale - isn't it amazing? Our Pressca coffee scoops with scale comes in 8 different colors.

Exact Measures

Make sure that you make your coffee the exact way you like it every day, even at home, with our Pressca coffee scoops with scale. They are an easy and simple way to weigh your coffee.




SCALE BALANCE INCLUDED - This works by resting the scoop on the scale and adjusting to balance.

SIMPLE - So Easy to use and it allows you get consistent measures every time.

MANUAL - no need for a battery, better for the environment.

CHOICE OF COLORS - 8 fun colors to choose from - adding more soon.

INCLUDES CHARITY DONATION - $1 of your purchase goes to Angels of America's Fallen. Supporting children of fallen firefighters, military and law enforcement

What Are The Benefits

Using your new coffee scoop with scale will ensure you get the right amount of coffee each time. This has a number of benefits. Consistency is key to a good drink. Be it either coffee or tea. You can experiment with different weights using the guide and see what amount of flavor matches with your taste. Each time you make a coffee or tea you are doing so with confidence. If you are sharing this with friends or family they can each know exactly what they prefer. Once you start to measure your input you'll maximize your output. It's a simple solution to a well known problem. Hopefully we have given you enough information to proceed to the checkout. Remember you get a money back guarantee with this too.

How to use