20oz Insulated Tumbler

SMTCoffee 20oz Insulated Tumbler with Lid, Stainless Steel Vacuum Double Wall Travel Tumbler, Durable Insulated Coffee Mug, Powder Coated, Thermal Cup with Splash Proof Sliding Lid

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Double wall vacuum keeps things the way you want for longer. Also, stops condensation from messing up your desk. Have the best tasting drink with this amazing quality 20 oz tumbler. Stainless steel ensures no strange taste ruining your drink.

20oz Insulated Tumbler

These SMTCoffee tumblers are perfect for keeping your drink just the way you want it. With this special double walled insulation keeps cold drink cold and hot drink hot for longer.

Who Are They For?

Ok, so you are thinking about getting a new tumbler... is this right for me? These tumblers are great for people who drive a lot, outdoor/gym and even in the office.



GUARANTEE THE DRINK TASTE - In addition to being a solid material, stainless steel ensures that your drink maintains its original taste.

KEEP THE TEMPERATURE - Double wall will keep your drinks cold for up to 12 hours and hot for up to 6 hours without causing discomfort to your hands. It also prevents condensation from leaving permanent marks on surfaces.

LID OPENING - Through the lid opening, you can easily see the amount of liquid in your cup without having to uncap it, avoiding accidents.

EASY TO WASH - Dishwasher safe and perspiration free. It also has a superior finish that will last for a long time.

INCLUDES CHARITY DONATION - $1 of your purchase goes to Angels of America's Fallen.

CLASSIC DESIGN - Our cups have a beautiful classic and timeless design with clean lines and a textured exterior that will please everyone.

What Are The Benefits

Stainless steel gives you better tasting drinks. Insulation keeps your drink hot or cold for longer. It also means no condensation on the tumbler. The see through the lid cover means you can see what you are drinking. Mouth peice has a slide cover to stop anything getting in your drink. The tumbler has a lovely feel to it and means its easy to grip. The look of the tumbler is very stylish and well designed.

Final Thoughts

Why do people buy these tumblers? Let’s list a number of benefits you are getting with a SMTCoffee tumbler. Number one is improved taste. How? By using a stainless steel insulated coffee mug you don't get that plastic taste from a cheaper coffee cup. If you let your drink sit in a  cup like that for long you’ll start to get a plastic flavor from your drink. It’s not dangerous or anything but it will affect the flavor. This is the main reason to use the SMTCoffee mug. Over time your taste buds become very refined and you’ll notice a weird taste with cheaper mugs. That started to bother me, there are certain things I like to be consistent and coffee is one of them. You also have a really nice texture to your tumbler and this means it feels nice to hold and it won't slip out of your hand while on the move. You also have a really well designed lid. This is also really important. You need a lid to prevent spilling your drinks, especially in a car. You get a lip on the lid that makes it easy to pick up and also open it if you need to. You get an easy drink opening too that means you won't get a big wave of hot coffee in your mouth in one go. You also get a really smooth click opening lid that just feels quality, it clicks open and closed to make sure it stays that way. Your lid is also see through so you can see exactly what you are drinking and how much is left. Finally you get an impressive stylish tumbler that just looks great. This tumbler may just become your best friend.