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black pressca french press coffee maker smtcoffee

French Press Portable Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter - Also Works As Tea Infuser

No need to use paper filters: the modern Pressca coffee maker comes with a fully reusable metal filter. It's also very practical as you can drink your coffee straight from the coffee maker if you prefer to. Another detail that makes this coffee maker special is the insulation system that keeps your coffee or tea hot for longer.

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coffee scoop with scale smtcoffee

Coffee Scoop with Scale

Make sure that you make your coffee the exact way you like it every day, even at home, with our Pressca coffee scoop with built in scale. They are an easy and simple way to weigh your coffee.

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Handheld manual milk frother milk foamer smtcoffee

Handheld Milk Frother With Stand - 6,5 oz

Use the Pressca manual milk frother to create all kinds of amazing drinks at home. The frother is extremely resistant and can be used with any type of milk and is perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, hot chocolate and more.

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ouro de kaffa brazilian coffee beans arabica smtcoffee

Superior Ouro De Kaffa - Brazilian Coffee.

100% Arabica 100% single origin - Rainforest Alliance Certified. Superior Ouro De Kaffa Coffee is an exclusive and high quality coffee, with a softer flavor and aroma due to the careful selection of beans and controlled roasting. You'll taste fruity, chocolaty and nutty notes.

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best white 20oz tumbler with lid smtcoffee

Stainless Steel Coffee Tumbler with Lid Sliding - Travel Coffee Mug

Have your drink in the perfect temperature for hours with this amazing quality SMTCoffee 20oz tumbler. The stainless steel interior helps not only with the insulation but also ensures there's no strange taste ruining your drink. The double wall vacuum regulates the temperature of your drink and stops condensation from messing up your desk.

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natural white pampas grass 30 pieces smtcoffee

Natural White Pampas Grass, 30 Pieces - 17" Length

This SMTCoffee pampas grass makes a perfect photography prop, wedding centerpiece, floral arrangement, or decor piece. The white pampas plumes will look great on their own or mixed with dried flowers to create a unique floral bouquet.

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stackable silicone wedding rings for women. comes with 6 colors 2 styles smtcoffee

6 Silicone Stackable Wedding Rings for Women

Silicone rings are safe for any environment or line of work and much more comfortable. The range of colors will help you match to your outfit and really finish the look down to the smallest detail. It's all about having fun with the colors!

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silicone wedding rings for men. comes with 4 colors 2 styles and 2 designs. black, navy, camo, black and white

4 Silicone Wedding Rings for Men

The idea of these rings is that they are replaceable. Lose them, tear them up at the gym or work. Have these rings work for your needs. Keep your formal wedding band safe from damage. Silicone rings are safe for any environment or line of work and much more comfortable.

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