French Press Coffee Maker

SMTCoffee - French Press Coffee Maker with Reusable Filter - Black Coffee and Tea Infuser, Travel French Press - Thermally Insulated Portable Coffee Maker and Manual Pressure System - 12oz

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Why does a French Press make the best coffee?

Using paper filters actually take out flavor and oils. The oils carry most of the flavour, you don't want to filter this out. A French Press doesn’t absorb any of the flavor. If you really want to know exactly how good your coffee can taste then use a French Press.

Coffee On The Go

With your new SMTCoffee Pressca French Press coffee maker it's never been easier to make a coffee on the go!

This is perfect for:

Our French press coffee maker is very portable. We think these are perfect for people who travel a lot for work. Perfect for people who camp or also for those who like coffee in the office. You dont want to be using a French Press made of glass if you need to move it around a lot.


Sealable Lid - Mouthpiece - Easy Grip - Multi Colors - Stainless Steel Filter - Double Gasket - Removeable Parts - Easy Clean - Thermal Insulation - Light Weight - Tea or Coffee - BPA Free - Sustainable - Compact.


- Reduce the risk of spillage with our sealable lid.

- You can drink directly from our coffee maker with our easy drink mouthpiece ( careful when hot ).

- It's easy to grip even if wearing gloves.

- Pick your favourite color choice of 8 , black, brown, blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, green.

- We use a very fine stainless steel filter which means no need for paper filters.

- Using a double gasket means no leaks when pushing down the plunger. Easy to replace over time.

- Each part is removable for cleaning or if you want to change it.

- No need to buy a completely new coffee maker.

- You can completely dismantle each part for easy cleaning. The base has a removable bottom for easy cleaning.

- Our coffee maker has thermal insulation so you won't burn your hand when carrying and keeps your coffee warmer longer than a regular coffee press.

- It's lightweight so when you are on the move it won't weigh you down. It is also very robust so don't worry about breaking it easily compared to other coffee makers.

- You can also make tea with this if you want to change up the drinks some time.

- Our products are BPA Free. This is much more sustainable on the environment and on your pocket.

How to use a french press coffee maker smtcoffee and  pressca

Final thoughts

Ok so let's do a quick recap so you can be sure this coffee maker is right for you. What's great about this coffee maker? We have a sealable lid which means you don't have to be as careful on the move with this coffee, especially if in a car or truck. We have a very nice feature that means you can drink directly from the coffee maker, this means no need for a cup. Please be careful of the temperature here. We have a very nice grip so it's easy to use even when wearing gloves. We also have 8 colors to choose from if you want to align it to your favourite team or just your favourite color. We use a really fine stainless steel mesh which means no need for paper filters and you don't get a lot of coffee bean residue in you coffee as its filtered out, this does not mean you filter out the flavor (which paper filters do).
We have a double gasket in the plunger which means that leaks should not happen. This is also replaceable over time. We can send you parts if for some unfortunate reason it gets broken, we don't want you to have to buy a whole new coffee maker just for that. You can dismantle this completely and easily if you want to do a deep clean. Some coffee makers you can't do that and they get smelly over time. There is thermal insulation on this which means you won't burn your hand and it will also keep your coffee warm that bit longer. This is lightweight also so if you are on a trek you can make a quick cup of coffee to keep you going. You can also make tea with this which is cool right!? Just make it exactly the same way you make coffee. Our products are BPA free which is very important and this is also a nice saver on your pocket if you want to start making your own coffee at home. You can make your coffee exactly how you like it and save some money at the same time.... win win. Hopefully we have given you enough information to proceed to the checkout. Remember you get a money back guarantee with this too. 

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