Charity Work

A core part of our philosophy is giving back to good causes. In each country we do business we feel it very important to contribute to that society. There are so many wonderful organizations helping so many people. The charities we have chosen to support I think you will agree, do amazing work.
We know people really like to give to charity but sometimes with busy schedules it does not happen as often as we would like. With our donation strategy you can now integrate this into your purchase.

How we support

We will give a portion of each sale to a charity in that country. For example, a sale in Ireland will have an Irish charity and a sale in the US will have a United States charity. We will clearly state how much we are donating from that sale, we state that by currency rather than percentage as sometimes that gets confusing. You can find out more below.

United States of America

We support Angels of America's Fallen

We will be supporting the Laura Lynn foundation. We are just in the process of finalizing this.