Manual Milk Frother

SMTCoffee - Pressca - Milk Frother - Handheld Plastic Milk Frother With Stand - Small and Portable - Microwave-Safe Milk Foamer for Coffee - 6,5 fl oz Capacity

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Bring the Café experience with you.

Use your new milk frother to create your favorite style of drink. The frother can be used with any type of milk and is perfect for lattes, cappuccinos, café mochas, and more.

Handheld manual milk frother milk foamer smtcoffee

Safer Than Glass - Kid Friendly

Your milk frother is made of a BPA Free plastic. This is much safe and durable than glass. It's difficult to bring a glass milk frother anywere and it's even harder to prevent it breaking. You will have a lot of fun with this, especially making hot drinks for kids. Using your new plastic milk frother will make everything stress free.

SMTCoffee kid friendly manual milk frother

Perfect for:

If you love a nice creamy coffee or any drink that goes great with frothy milk then this is for you. You can make this anywhere you want. It's small enough to fit in your bag and quick enough that if you want to make some for friends too that's fine. It literally takes seconds to make. It even works for cold milk right out of the fridge. If you want that café experience without the added cost or hassle, then look no further. 


8 colors - easy use - microwave riendly - measure level guide - durable - light weight - fast foaming - one cup - portable - BPA free - manual use - money saver - easy take apart - robust.


- You get to choose your favorite color.

- It's really easy and fun to use, especially if you want kids to take part in making hot chocolates .

- You can put it in the microwave for convenience.

- You get a guide on the side of the cup to make it easy to gauge how much to put in.

- You get a durable product that won't break like a glass milk frother.

- It's lightweight and perfect to bring camping - road trips or to the office.

- It foams milk in seconds, some electric frother are very slow.

- It's perfect for one cup so you won't waste milk making too much.

- This will never breakdown, how long will an electric frother last? always out of batteries right when you want it.

- How much are you spending on takeaway coffee? It will really shock you how much this ads up. Have fun saving money making your own drinks whenever you want.

- This is easy to take apart for cleaning. Some frothers get milk inside the mechanism and it's impossible to clean... It smells awful and can be unsafe.

- Our products are BPA Free. This is much more sustainable on the environment and on your pocket.

- Using glass milk frothers can be risky. The glass is usually thin and fragile, easily broken. These milk frothers are so much more robust and built to last. 

Final thoughts

Ok so let's do a quick recap so you can be sure this manual milk frother is right for you. First of all , you get to choose from 8 really nice colors. Hopefully one of them you like. This is really fun and easy to use especially if you want kids to join in to make some fun hot chocolates or something like that. This can go in the microwave if you are short on time, but be careful to not put it in for too long. Your milk should be around 140 °Fahrenheit. You also get a useful guide on the side to show how much to put in. Your milk frother will be much more robust than a glass one, glass frothers are going to get broken no matter how careful and they can be dangerous also. These are also light weight which is great when on the move, maybe going camping or bringing it to work. You also won't waste much time foaming this as it foams in seconds, some electric frothers take a long time. It’s great for not wasting milk as you can easily make enough for just one cup. The larger frothers require a lot of milk to work. Your new milk frother won’t break down either compared to an electric one. You don’t need to charge them or worry that it’s not charged right when you need it. It’s faster and better for the environment to do this quickly yourself. When you start making your drinks exactly the way you like rather than depending on some one at a coffee shop you’ll really see the benefit of your new SMTCoffee Pressca manual milk frother. Hopefully we have given you enough information to proceed to the checkout. Remember you get a money back guarantee with this too.  

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